This whole blog thing is totally new to me… which I guess is pretty obvious considering my last post was back in September. Lesson #1 of blogging – you should really blog more than once every couple of months.

I’m not surprised that my blog has slipped my mind. Since I first struck out on my own in September, being my own boss has brought a sometime overwhelming truckload of to-do lists, meetings, Facebook groups, disappearing down the social media rabbit-hole… oh yeah, and actually getting doing some filming and editing to pay the bills.

It’s been a steep learning curve to carve out time for all these things that demand my attention. And sometimes that means I don’t attend that networking meeting or maybe that video doesn’t get posted to Instagram right away. Being prone to perfectionist tendencies, this has been a major challenge for me. But it’s becoming a necessary skill for me to hone. I’m learning to give myself permission to not have everything done by the time I need to go pick up my kiddos from daycare. Otherwise, I would go absolutely bonkers insane and miss out on key time with my family.

Part of my desire for this blog is to show my work to all of you beautiful people and blow your socks off with some amazing love stories and showcase some kick-ass awesome local businesses!

My main purpose for this blog, however, is to be real and genuine with you. I want to pull back the curtain and show you the amount of work and effort that actually goes into filming and shooting a wedding, a business promo, or a birth. My job isn’t just setting up a camera and that’s it. It’s so much more than that… which will be in a future blog post 😉