Who’s Behind The Camera?

I was born and raised in the Edmonton area, and I’m mama to two beautiful kiddos. I love the mountains, playing soccer, and feel most at home by the ocean listening to the waves hit the sand.

I kind of fell into video production during high school, discovered I had a passion and a talent for storytelling through video, and haven’t stopped filming since!

These days, when I’m not behind a camera or disappearing into my video editing cone of silence, you can find me singing Moana songs in the car with (and without) my kids at the top of my lungs or sitting down with a good mystery novel and a chai latte…..soooooo delicious….

I have a major case of wanderlust, much to the chagrin of my bank account, and I have a bucket list a mile long of places I’d LOVE to see someday!

Why hire a Videographer?

With iPhones and friends who video the wedding this is a common and fair question.

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